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CEOs in Technology on Ulitzer I'm a serial entrepreneurial leader.  It's an art/science, left/right brain thing. I have to say that one of the most challenging parts of creating a compelling strategy, leading a company or building products is getting people to see the possibilities, transitions and tipping points. Imagineering the future calls me to look back at what made companies great -- specifically, how they capitalized on paradigm shifts while the rest missed it. Reading the recent bestseller, Outliers, it struck me that, not only do you have to be smart, but you have to be in the right place with the experience to see and grab the brass ring. Moore's Law is one of those history lessons that have traditionally been a touchpoint that points the way to the future. Simply put, Moore's law describes a long-term trend in the history of computing hardware, in which ... (more)

How Can You Move Apps Between Private and Public Clouds?

Greg O'Connor on Ulitzer Three of the chattiest executives on God's green earth were struck suddenly speechless when the Q&A segment of their VCE coalition announcement produced a straight forward question from customer Joseph Hooks (at point 48:50 in the announcement). Question: "Will we be able to seamlessly move (applications) between in-house vblocks (private clouds) and service provider vblocks (public clouds)?" There was complete silence. There were multiple fingers that swiftly and decisively pointed to Paul Maritz of VMware There was silence. There was nervous laughter f... (more)

Measuring Cloud Agility in Lunches, not Days

Question: Why did the server application cross the network? Answer: For the same reason the chicken crossed the road - to get to the other side ... (in this case) of the datacenter and clouds. Follow up question:  If all a server application ‘wants' to do is get to another server - physical or virtual - why would it drag along an OS?  Answer: Because it didn't know it had a much more agile and faster option - OS-free server application virtualization. And here we get to the heart of the matter .... Server application virtualization is frequently misunderstood because when they th... (more)

VMware Buys Zimbra; Next Step Bed, Bath, & Beyond?

Greg O'Connor on Ulitzer I'm arguing with myself, so I'm winning and losing. The argument? VMware's Zimbra acquisition: a) brilliant - and necessary -- building block in the drive to domination of the evolving cloud economy? Or b) distracting activity on par with a crow's attraction to bright, shiny objects? The question isn't whether or not Zimbra is very cool. (It is.) Or whether it's worth the $100 million VMware shelled out. For me, it's a question of ends and means. Readers of my blog know that I am a fan of VMware. They pretty much created the market that created the need ... (more)

Note to Mark Hurd: AppZero Prescribes “Virtual Viagra” for Solaris

Imagine you are an IT professional or executive, and your teams are running a data center with 1,000s of machines and applications.  You know that there is a set of 10-15 year old applications running business critical functions on SUN hardware and the Solaris operating systems. These applications, their OS and the underlying infrastructure are old.  In fact, measured in "IT-years," where the lifespan of an infrastructure is 3-5 years, they are ancient.  By my calculations, an IT year is equivalent to 20 people-years, making these systems 200-300 years old ...and .... ... strande... (more)